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Classics By Nature

Herb and Essential Oils Soap
*By Nature*

Natural vegetable glycerin soap with a special combination of pure essential oils and herbs which cleanse and freshen the coat while conditioning the skin. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral qualities.  This soap does have insect repellent properties, includes for fleas, mosquitos, and flies.  It "does" kill fleas, just leave the lather on for about 5 minutes, then rinse.  For additional insect repellent nature use our Essential Oils Spritzer inbetween baths for repelling flies, mosquitos, and fleas. Also works  well for those with an oily type coat, see below. Your dark coats  will shine! This soap is safe for puppies, people and expectant females.  Wonderful long lasting clean fresh scent!

This soap is also beneficial for those canines that tend to have a more oily coat, which usually translates into a smelly canine.  It removes the excess oil and dirt without stripping the coat.
It now comes with a "wrist rope", so you can slip it over your wrist and hold the soap easily in the palm of your hand.  Due to the high amount of emollients in glycerin, it does make for a "slippery soap"!

**This soap is also great for people that camp and hike.  Its scent is invigorating, and with the natural insect repellent nature, will help keep bugs at bay.

Our products, both for canine and people were developed as we wanted products that were enjoyable, effective and beneficial without being full of manmade chemicals.  With canines, most have to endure a life of various chemicals on a routine basis just to help prevent certain health issues.

Essential Oils Spritzer
*By Nature*

This contains most of the same wonderful essential oils as the Herb and essential Oils Soap. For those canines that are sensitive to chemical insect repellents, this is the answer.  Also great for repelling those pesky flies that think ears are a great place to "hang out".It also imparts a clean fresh scent.  

A light misting may be used daily if desired. For use on pets face, spray on hands or cloth and wipe on pets face. Avoid spraying around eye area.

**This spray is also great for people.  If you are going to be out in the garden or woods and want to naturally repel insects, lightly spray exposed skin areas.

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