Hennwood Labradors
"We will always remember...9/11"
Please note, Hennwood Labradors no longer raises Labs, hasn't for several years. Nor are there any Labs for adoption. This partial site is left up mainly for the cleft palate information. Some information pages are still in place for those researching their Labs background.
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Welcome!  This site is about Hennwood Labradors, quality low-key temperamented Labradors of mainly English ancestry.  Soundness, temperament and intelligence are our top priorities. We are located in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina,  just north of Asheville.

Cleft palate puppies deserve a chance in my opinion.  I know personally how well they do when given that chance.  I have been able to help over 200 cleft palate puppy raisers worldwide raise these special kids.  Information on what is a cleft along with detailed information on how to raise them can be found on our
  Cleft Palate Page

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