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About Hennwood Labradors  

Hennwood Labradors have been around for over 18 years, and reside in the  beautiful Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. I have always had a soft spot for Labs, and over the years have learned what a wonderful, versatile breed the Labrador is.

Hennwood Labradors have done just about everything. They are in the show (breed) ring, having ranked in the top 50 Labs in the country.  They are in the obedience ring, ranking in the top 100.  You can find them in the field, and in duck blinds.  They are at Southeastern Guide Dogs, and in private homes as helper dogs.  Some are into service as SAR (search and rescue) dogs, and also as therapy and detector dogs.  Of course, they can be found in numerous homes as wonderful family companions.  This shows how versatile and wonderful a well bred Labrador can be.

All Labs bred at Hennwood have appropriate hip and eye clearances.  Only those that received a breedable rating from the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals-they evaluate hip and elbow films for evidence of dysplasia, and issue ratings accordingly), and received a clear eye exam from an ACVO veterinarian, (American College Of Veterinarian Ophthalmologists- they evaluate for any hereditary eye diseases) are used for breeding.     

Our Labradors are kept with us in the house.  They do not know what life is like in a kennel. They reside on 4.5 acres of beautiful wooded and landscaped property.  Their free run area consists of an acre and a half fenced.  They have a small pond and creek to take a dip in whenever they wish.  We are firm believers in crate training, and that is where all the 4-legged guys sleep at night, except for the "senior crew", they sleep wherever they want.   

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