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We have a few books in the making,  they cover such topics as:   

Breeding-   It's Natural instinct, right? copyright2000
--a book that covers  both natural breedings and artificial insemination.   Meant for the "do-it-yourself" person. We tend to think that nature will take it's course, and a lot of times it does, but probably as many times, it needs a little help.  Very detailed instructions and diagrams that would allow anyone to be successful, even on their first AI (artificial insemination) attempt-I was.  I have taught numerous other breeders how to do successful AI's. (some via phone)                            
The Fruits Of Your Labor and Hers copyright 2000
--Covers pre-breeding, what you need to think about and do, through gestation, and then the noneventful delivery, to the problem delivery.   I  cover many problem situations, and what your intervention should be.     How to do vaginal exams are covered, for those willing to get involved as much as possible.  These exams are frequently necessary when labor and delivery are not progressing as they should.  Also covered is how to pull pups hung in the pelvic outlet, and much more.  I have tried to cover everything I wish I had known, when I had my first few litters.  Experience is a wonderful teacher, however sometimes the lessons are hard to take.  This publication is the result of 15 years of whelping  more than 100 litters, my own and others, of Labradors and a few other breeds.
(Video will be available separately once editing is completed-shows actual delivery, care of the pup immediately upon birth, and how to stimulate/revive a pup)
(The Breeding and Whelping publications will be in hard back binder form so they can lie flat for ease of "reading while  working", and with sheet protectors on each page, to keep things clean.)  

**A note about the author of these publications.   I am a Registered Nurse, which I feel with my medical knowledge base has allowed me to accomplish more in treatment and care in different situations, versus had I not had my medical background.  The basic care philosophy between people and canines is not much different.  Because of this, I am able to give the reason behind what you do, and am able to give detailed instructions on what needs to be done in certain situations. Over the years I have been called upon by numerous other breeders, and even a few veterinarians for help, so I have decided I can help more people if I put the knowledge that is in my "head" down on paper, hence my publications.
How to choose and raise a wonderful Labrador-
                All Pups Are Adorable You Know  copyright2000
--covers selecting a reputable breeder, choosing the pup that is right for you and your family,  (all pups are adorable you know....), and the do's and don'ts in care and training from puppyhood- through old age.  Also covers how to go about acquiring and integrating an older Lab into the family.
             A portion of the above book is available via email-

For those who are interested in thorough, informative instructions to help with the addition of a new 4-legged Kid to the family or for breeders to send along with the owner of a new pup, can order:  
                  "New Kid On The Block",
which  covers  feeding, care, bathing, nail care, toys, spaying /neutering, housebreaking, crate training, dealing with problems such as jumping, mouthing, and basic obedience training instructions. These instructions I have been sending along with my pups for years,  I find it helps the new owners immensely. **(( These instructions work great for any breed.))** If a party only wants to learn about crate training way of housebreaking, then only that portion may be ordered.  To order >> ORDER FORM

For breeders the format will allow you to "fill in the blanks" where your personal instructions are needed.  

****For either of the above publications, go to the    
          ORDER FORM page.     
       Another publication that will soon be available is,
              "They Are Worth Saving"
This covers how to care for a cleft palate puppy, and it will be available both in hard form and via email for a nominal cost. It hopefully will be published in a few of our favorite magazines.   Over the years I have raised several, and have taught others how to save these "kids". I have never lost one that I had decided to save.   Contrary to popular beliefs I have heard, they all have been  100% healthy, except for the cleft.  The major thing NOT TO DO, is have surgery, at least not until it is perfected in canines.   If you have questions about a cleft pup before this publication is available, please email me.  I will be more than happy to help.   If you go back to the Upcoming Stars Page, check out CP, he was the last cleft palate I saved-you wouldn't know he had any problem would you.  My oldest cleft palate "child" is 10 years old.  I wish my publication would have been available then,  she was a VERY big learning experience.   
                   Our site will also offer in the  near future-
Plans for constructing any size ex-pen you need or want, with minimal time, cost, and know how.  They are pup pens that can be disassembled and reassembled very easily, and can be thoroughly disinfected, and the cost is a fraction of the standard purchased ex-pens of the same size.  I have been using them for years, and don't know what I would do without them.
Most of the above will be available shortly.  Major credit cards and debit cards will be accepted.  An ORDER FORM page will be placed on the site upon completion of the publications.   
If you would like to be contacted once videos, books, or plans are available, please email your request to our email address- ,   or you can phone, or utilize conventional mail.  Address and phone number can be found on the Contact Us page.

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