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Hennwood Questionnaire
FYI- We do not have any chocolates and  we do "not" ship/fly pups.  If you are looking for chocolate, or you were planning to have a pup shipped to you, please don't fill out the questionnaire. We won't be able to help you in those situations.
Labradors are one of the most social breeds, they love to be with you and love to please you. That highly social nature is one of the reasons they are utilized in so many areas of service work.  But also due to that highly social nature they do not do well with being left alone for long periods of time.  It is important especially in puppyhood that you have the time needed. By making the time needed for a pup you will have the best well behaved companion anyone could ask for.
*Privacy statement-the information you provide is for use only at Hennwood.  It is held in the strictest confidence.  Any questions, please contact us.

Email address:
Tell me what you are wanting a Lab for:
Color or sex preference?:
Did you plan to spay/neuter?:
Tell me where the Lab would stay during the day:
Tell me where the Lab would sleep at night:
If you have pets now tell me a little about them:
Tell me a little about your family schedule and how a Lab would fit in:

Hennwood Labradors     |   home
About Us  * The Boys *  The Girls * Adoption Central  * The Nursery  *  " By Nature"  *  Cleft Palate Page  *  Photo Album  * Contact Us  *  Guest Book