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For either of the below publications, you can utilize the PayPal button to make your payment via credit or debit card. PayPal is a secure server that  has over 16 million members worldwide. PayPal payments are processed by Cottage Classics, an affiliate of Hennwood. Upon notification of receipt of payment from PayPal, your choice will be mailed or emailed to you, or......

****If you would prefer to use conventional mail, you can mail your request and payment to Anne Hennion, PO Box 725, Weaverville, NC, 28787, or you may utilize PayPal, but do specify "hard copy".  Include $1.95 postage/handling for mail order.

"New Kid On The Block"                               Price   $8.95
(covers housetraining/crate-training)
**Remember add  $1.95 to price if above is to be mailed**

"New Kid On The Block"  
      "The Whole Story"                                                       Price   $13.95  
(includes content of the above book, along with
feeding, care, training, problem solving,etc.)** This book does go out with my pups to their new owners, (so no need to purchase), and after payment of deposit the email version can be sent ahead of time if a party wishes to review the information prior to getting their pup.
**Remember add  $1.95 to price if above is to be mailed**

Please specify "email version" or "hard copy" if using PayPal, that information my be written in the comment box on the PayPal order form, or maybe emailed to us at