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Hennwood By Design

We will take your ideas, your text, your photos and compile them into a presence that will allow the rest of the world to know what you are about.

Text and photos are submitted, preferably electronically, and are skillfully arranged into a quality site. Upon completion of your site, we take care of publishing your site and individual submisson to search engines, and directories.
(Those search engines and directories that are paid submission, the cost is additional.)

There are numerous host servers available for your site, some do charge a monthly fee. We have ones we recommend that are "Free" host servers for your site. Your site will be put with whatever host you prefer.
Our service is also available for a reasonable fee for updates, and maintaining the site.

Addition of animated graphics, interactive forms, links to e-commerce, and more are also available, additional charges may apply.

Below is a link to a brochure type site recently completed.
The cost for such a site, is $40. per page.
That includes the design, adding essentially ready for print electronic text, and photos, and of course your counter, and guest book. Also as stated, included is the individual submission to search engines, and directories (free). So for minimal cost you can have your site before the world!